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The latest news from our breeding cats...

Happy New Year!

published: 31/12/2014


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Something about Pixy Sphynx Cattery...

We established our kennel in February 2010 with Mia, our beloved cat. When I saw the picture of a black&white bicolor kitten on the internet, for me it was love at first sight.

Mia’s participation on several cat shows brought us more and more success, so we decided to give breeding a try.

Mrs Mia Wallace (GIC Achillea Rhamnoides) and Vincent Vega (IC S*Con Amour Prince Paris) from Sweden gave birth to wonderful little kittens.

Our breeding aim is to return to the original Russian breed standard and also to conserve the outstanding health condition of this breed.

Over the years we welcomed the following cats from pure Russian bloodline:

Our kennel is a member of the FiFE International Cat Organization.

We have only a few kittens every year and we give them to loving families solely. Our kittens can be found in various countries of Europe. Please contact us for advance booking.

Tímea Gallyas

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